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Consider Barrington Heights Owners Association, the premier Homeowners' Association that truly cares about its residents. Whether you’re looking for a great school to send your kids or you’d like to live in a place with trustworthy emergency response services, our community has partnered up with the city in order to provide top of the line services for all residents to enjoy.

Local Services: Local Services

Fire & Rescue Services

Beaumont Fire Department

Law Enforcement Services

Beaumont Police Department

Code Enforcement Services

Beaumont Dept. of Code Compliance

Local Services: Services

Power Services

Entergy Texas

School/Education Services

Beaumont Independent School District

Repair/Maintenance Services

Beaumont Dept. of Public Works

Local Services: Services

Water & Sewer Services

Beaumont Dept. of Water Utilities

Emergency Services

Beaumont Emergency Management

Animal Control Services

Beaumont Dept. of Animal Care

Local Services: Services
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